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Hope and Vision Outreach is an nonprofit educational based coaching and consulting company that helps motivate, innovate, and activate the lives of nonprofit business owners daily, with a primary focus on mental wellness and business startups. Our ultimate purpose is to help both for profit and nonprofit owners thrive in their business ventures identifying vision, passion, purpose, and overcoming adversity. Hope and Vision Outreach provides counseling, coaching, consulting, and partnership services for current business owners as well as those interested in nonprofit business startups. Our executive coaching program and workshops promote the power of  education and developing healing of the whole self while changing lives through philanthropic vision daily.


Felicia Baxley


Author, Podcaster, Coach

Felicia Baxley 3x Author, Podcaster, and Coach is here to inspire a nation!   

She believes that there is a story inside of everyone that can be leveraged into a business. She is dedicated to helping others get those stories into books that can build multiple streams of income. She also believes that every business owner should have a clear idea of what their umbrella is, and how they should structure and strategize their business. 

Shakeema Saloane- Credit Counselor

Shakeema Saloane is taking over the credit industry with her credit and financial services with her company Operation Credit. If you need to get out of debt, establish a budget, or increase your credit score, book your session today.


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