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Counseling Coaching Consulting

Counseling Coaching ConsultingCounseling Coaching ConsultingCounseling Coaching Consulting

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Hope and Vision Outreach is a company that motivates, innovates, and activates the lives of individuals daily with a primary focus on mental wellness and nonprofit business owners. Our ultimate purpose is to help nonprofit owners thrive in their business ventures identifying vision, passion, purpose, and overcoming adversity. Hope and Vision Outreach provides counseling, coaching, and consulting services for current business owners as well as those interested in nonprofit business startups. Our executive coaching program and workshops promote the power of developing and healing of the whole self while changing lives through philanthropic vision daily,

 one nonprofit at a time. 

Bettina Brown




Bettina M. Brown, MPT, CWS, CLT reveals her personal and professional experiences as a physical therapist regarding choices that make one’s personal, physical, emotional and psychological health a priority in today’s environment, that contains constant distractions and self-deprecating messages.


Walking into a room with positivity, self-respect and confidence is the best outfit that one can wear and is always in style! Her passion and vision to provides continuous information, research, and personal experiences to women regarding their importance, purpose and gifts they have to offer the world.

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Shakeema Saloane

Credit Repair Specialist

 Shakeema began her company in February 2019 but has been helping people for 3 years in the area of credit counseling and repair. She helps individuals reach their goals by increasing their credit while assisting with building a proper budget & savings plan. 


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